sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2005

NSA Dope Calypso

Buscando cosas por ahí, me encontré hace un tiempo con Allen Ginsberg, un poeta, músico, pintor, all-around tipo simpático muy interesante. El título de este post está sacado de una canción suya que menciona unos cuantos nombres conocidos (aquí se lo puede ver interpretándola y aquí el mp3, son dos versiones diferentes, personalmente me parece más divertida la del mp3):

Now Richard Secord and Oliver North
Hated Sandinistas whatever they were worth
They peddled for the Contras to ease their pain
They couldn't sell Congress so the Contras sold cocaine

The discovered Noriega only yesterday
Nancy Reagan & the CIA

Now coke and grass were exchanged for guns
On a border airfield that John Hull runs
Or used to run till his Costa Rican bust
As a CIA spy trading Contra coke dust

They discovered Noriega only yesterday
Nancy Reagan & the CIA

Ramin Milina Rodriguez of Medellin Cartel
Laundered their dollars & he did it very well
Hundreds of millions through U.S. banks
Till he got busted and sang in the tank

It was buried in the papers only yesterday
When Bush was Drug Czar U.S.A

Milian told Congress $3,000,000 coke bucks
Went to Felix Rodriguez, CIA muck-a-muck
To give to the Contras only Hush Hush Hush
Except for Donald Gregg & his boss George Bush

Buried in the papers only yesterday
With Bush Vice President U.S.A.

Rodriguez met Bush in his office many times
They didn't talk business, they drank lemon & limes
Or maybe they drank coffee or they smoked a cigarette
But cocaine traffic they remembered to forget

Buried in the papers only yesterday
And Bush got in the White House of the U.S.A.

Now when Bush was director of the CIA
Panama traffic in coke was gay
You never used to hear George Bush holler
When Noriega laundered lots of cocaine dollar

Bush paid Noriega, used to work together
They sat on a couch & talked about the weather

Then Noriega doublecrossed his Company pal
With a treaty taking back our Panama Canal
So when he got into the big White House
Bush said Noriega was a cocaine louse

The Cold War ended, East Europe found hope,
The U.S. got hooked in a war on dope

Glasnost came, East Europe got free
So Bush sent his army to Panama City
Bush's guns in Panama did their worst
Like coke fiends fighting on St. Marks & First

Does Noriega know Bush's Company crimes?
In 2000 A.D. read the New York Times.

(de una entrevista en http://www.levity.com/digaland/ginsberg96.html)

No sabía que había hecho alguna obra en conjunto con Phillip Glass, pero sí, mire ud.

Y para divertirse otro rato y de paso aprender a meditar, se puede escuchar su "Do the meditation rock" (http://www.allenginsberg.org/library/Audio/9923.mp3).

Bueno, en fin, y entre otras cosas escribió: "Which way will the sunflower turn surrounded by millions of suns? (¿Hacia dónde se volverá el girasol rodeado por millones de soles?).
¿No es una frase con movimiento propio?

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